Hi.  I’m Brian.  In this (online-music-related-stuff) sphere I may be best known as the “headmaster of the malcontents” at 58hours.

Years ago, I started my infatuation with music data when I created and (sloppily) coded 58hours.  And so, starting in 2008, I started working on the next iteration.. taking all that I had learned, building a more robust & user-friendly system.  (and as a note: I’ve preferred to use the plural in 58hours communications/postings, while in reality… you’re looking at the 58hours/randomhours webdev army of one. that’s me.)

Honestly, I probably could have kept building this in the shadows for another two years, but after a number of friends getting a tour & asking why it wasn’t public (and my own itch to actually get it out there)… here it is.

RandomHours is still under development (and probably will be for the indefinite future) but I hope you enjoy looking around, and hope that when you get to see all of the connections you get as giddy as I do.

There’s still a lot planned, and I can’t exactly give up all of my tricks/put all of my cards on the table at once. :)

Much love,


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