rh dev notes: 2009.02.14

DON’T ADD ANY ALBUM ART or ALBUM LISTINGS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!! Today’s db switchout has left a lot of stuff performing in a monkeyfuck manner.
PHEW!!! Big day so far. Major restructuring of the database. Had an epiphany last night & realized that there is a difference between albums & releases. Releases are a subset of albums. (e.g.: Radiohead’s “Pablo Honey” is an album, however the US, UK or Japanese versions of the album are “releases” of the album. Sometimes different releases of the same album have different track listings (whether it be that “Pablo Honey” in Japan contained bonus tracks, or a RE-RELEASE of Pavement’s “Crooked Rain” did the same) The album-building subroutines may still be out of sync with the new structure, so please refrain from entering (the now-termed) “release” tracklists for now. (bk)

oh, and happy valentine’s day.

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