rh dev notes: 2009.02.13

Added the ability (via the db) to add new song versions. After added to the db, you can add special versions of songs to setlists (acoustic, full-band, special mixes, etc..)
Been spending a lot of my time entering in some setlists & having to (consequently enter in new bands & tunes… since some of the current bands do indeed play cover tunes of others). However I DO need to find a way to store a recorded tune (under one entry) that has several parts that could (in theory) be performed in whole or in parts in a live show (e.g.: Decemberists “The Island”, or Radiohead’s “Polyethylene” (not urgent, but should be looking for solutions in-advance)
I’ve also started to question my geo organization especially (for example) how it applies to locales within the UK & how I can’t account for boroughs within NYC (bk)

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